Making trauma recovery a reality for everyone.

“Together we are a community. We help trauma survivors along with their families and friends with a safe place to land through innovative professionally facilitated programs and resources.”

The Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities (TPHC) offers programs for trauma recovery, clinical research, and innovative self-help resources.

TPHC is a Toronto-based charitable organization dedicated to helping trauma survivors recover.

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“9.2% of Canadians will suffer from PTSD in the course of their lifetimes.”


“76.1% of the population is affected by trauma. Many have no access to specialized trauma care.”


“Trauma can be the result of occupational stress, loss of a loved one, violence, and many events that impact our daily lives.”


“In 2012 the Ontario Ombudsman reported that first responders and military members experience high levels of operational stress with out adequate supports for emotional strain,  job disability, and related mental health issues.”


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