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Trauma Practice is a community committed to helping fill the gap created by an overburdened health system by providing accessible and transformative recovery programs to those affected by trauma.

In acknowledgment that we have different starting points, it is our belief that with supports in place, affirming change—however large or small—can be made as we begin to move to more freely experience the human condition. 

Resiliency & Recovery

Using a body-focused approach, R&R builds a foundation of hope and healing. Participants learn stress reduction methods focusing on breath, body and mind-centred tools to establish a sense of wellness and calm.

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Lean-In for Connection

The journey towards healing requires community and education. Lean-In for Connection offers strategies for developing connections, navigating difficult interactions, and building healthy relationships.

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A mindfulness and meditation practice gives us the opportunity to learn more about our personal experience and relationship to our trauma, and to regain our ability to navigate our lives with this new understanding.

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Book Club

The Personal Growth Book Club supports an environment of ongoing learning and contemplation through the richness of books. This program is dedicated to supporting personal development and self-discovery.

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Anger Regulation

Using a mindful approach, Anger Regulation addresses the impact of strong emotions, the early warning signs of triggers, and develops strategies that help to tame your inner landscape.

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SMART Recovery

The self-empowering SMART Recovery 4-Point Program supports recovery from addiction (substance or behaviour), helping individuals build a constructive and satisfying life.

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Wherever you are on your healing journey, we’re here to offer our support.

Sign up today, and a member of our team will reach out to you with more information about our offerings and how to begin the registration process.

Self Directed Program

The Trauma Recovery Program is available online as a complement to our group programs; for those working with a therapist or other professional and looking for additional material to support their recovery journey; and for those supporting a family member, friend, or client after trauma.

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Trauma Practice is committed to reducing barriers to care.

We promote health and inclusion through education based on evidence, evaluation, and research.


If you’re a registered clinician, a student looking for a rewarding internship, or a big-hearted human in search of meaningful volunteer engagement, we would love to hear from you.


Together, we are stronger— If you’re interested in bringing resources to your community or engaging  your staff, we offer custom community and corporate partnership opportunities

With your support, we’re transforming trauma recovery.

Thank you to our partners