Making trauma recovery a reality for everyone.


How your donation gives:

$15 - Supports regular Psychological Intake for trauma recovery and mental health programs in your community!

$40 - Provides one session of Trauma Care programming for an individual (such as attending a Trauma Resiliency workshop)!

$120 - Helps trauma survivors along the path to recovery with the self-guided and accessible on-line Trauma Resiliency Program!

$320 - Engages one person in an 8-12 week PTSD Group support program!

$600 - Gives 15 individuals a Trauma Care and recovery group session!

Whether you want to give once, give monthly, or donate a security or mutual fund for great financial benefits, with CanadaHelps you can donate online to Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities safely and securely. You can even give in tribute or in memory. You’ll always receive a charitable tax receipt and of course our gratitude and thanks for your support. Click HERE to donate today.