Comedy Fundraiser for Trauma Practice, Laugh with US!


Join us for a night of comedy, laughter and fun in celebration of Trauma Practice. Let's raise support for Trauma Mental Health and Recovery services. Since 2018, our team of clinicians, staff and volunteers have grown to become an essential front-line service for individuals seeking Trauma-Informed care, resources and tools.


During 2020, we went all online offering essential trauma care services during the COVID Pandemic.


Let's start the year with some laughter and enjoyment, with the hilarious and talented Ed hill, Jo Firestone, Cortney Gilmour and Dan Curtis Thompson.


Cozy up on your couch and enjoy the show.

Laughter brings us together - because we can't do it alone.

  • Entry to show on Zoom will begin at 6:45 pm
  • show starts at 7:00 pm
  • show ends at 8:00 pm

Laugh 2021 will be a gift of Trauma Recovery for many:


Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities aims to promote health by offering care for those struggling with Psychological Trauma, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, and related mental health disturbances. Trauma Practice provides access to information, group support and educational/ self-development programs. This year Trauma Practice gave over 500 in-clinic and online service hours for FREE to its participants.


It takes a community to heal from trauma, we look forward to having you be part of the journey.


*All proceeds for this event will go to supporting Trauma Practice Group Support Programs and Services


Our Sponsors:


If you would like to sponsor our event please email us at


Please consider donating. Help us provide Trauma Informed Care to those in need