Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities

76.1% of the population is affected by trauma. Many have no access to specialized trauma care.

Our Mission

What We Do: Empowering Individuals

Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities aims to promote health by providing individuals who are experiencing Psychological Trauma, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, and related mental health disturbances, with access to information, group therapy and group support programs.

Who Do We Help: Healing Communities

Through group programs and public access to self-help resources, Trauma Practice is reaching out to marginalized and/or vulnerable community members who are falling through the cracks of an overburdened system.

Our Research: Inspiring Change

Our work seeks to advance education by conducting research in our fields of programming and sharing the results in public and professional forums. We can do better when we know more. Promoting health through research is a key part of our mandate, not only creating access to mental health services, but provision of better care for all.

Our Vision

Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities believes that trauma recovery should be accessible to all. Together we can succeed in making it a reality for everyone.