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ONLINE Trauma Informed Programs

Our programs are now available through our online access portal for your comfort and ongoing learning.

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Resiliency and Recovery

This 8-week program offers weekly group meetings via our secure platform. Using a body-focused approach, participants learn key tools of Recovery and Resiliency after trauma. Members will learn stress reduction methods focusing on breath, body and mind-centred tools to help establish a sense of wellness and calm. Along with facilitated group sessions, members will have access to online resources and educational tools from our Trauma Recovery Program.

Lean-In for Connection - Emotional CPR

Is an 8-week series that is delivered on an ongoing basis by clinicians in an online group setting. One of TPHC's five marquee programs, Lean-In for Connection - Emotional CPR offers strategies for developing connection, navigating difficult interactions, and building a healthy community. Drawing from Traumatic Loneliness and Feel Heard & Understood exercises, participants explore ways to connect using the work of Brene Brown's on shame, love & belonging; Dr. Daniel Fisher's work on Emotional CPR; and Dr. Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication.


This Trauma-Informed, 8-week program explores meditation as part of a journey towards increased self-awareness and understanding. Learn practical approaches and develop insight into how meditation and the breath are tools we all have within us. We will cover meditation basics, including technique exploration. This program will discuss approaches and test out practices together in a safe and supportive setting.

Personal Growth Book Club

The Personal Growth Book Club is an opportunity to share our experience of learning and growing through the richness of books. This program is experiential and interactive, designed to engage discussion about books that focus on reflection and growth. The curated selection of authors will be uplifting and positive. The group will be limited to 8-12 people maximum, allowing for dialogue about the content and the impact each read is having on us in this unique journey.

Strong Emotions

The program will address the impact of strong emotions, whether these emotions are anger, sadness, fear, shame, disgust etc. Learn practical strategies to manage your struggles with strong emotions. Recognize the early warning signs of triggers and develop strategies to tame the inner landscape of strong emotions so they do not rule your life.

Smart Recovery

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program helps people recover from addiction and addictive behaviours, including drug abuse, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, prescription drug abuse, sexual addiction, and problem addiction to other substances and activities. MHSAO is our trusted Ontario-based SMART Recovery provider.