How does Trauma Practice work?

We provide a variety of accessible and expert-led formats to support individuals through their trauma recovery journey.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is the outcome of an event or repeated enduring experiences that completely overwhelm an individual and their ability to cope, feel safe, and mobilize resources to recover on their own.

Not all trauma survivors need individual therapy to recover. At Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities what we do know is that people can recover when given the right care. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who never get the opportunity to obtain care and continue to struggle alone.

Healing Communities: Who Do Our Programs Help?

We have tailor made groups and resources for all community members ranging from caregivers to first responders, family members grieving the loss of a loved one to members of the military or police forces. Whether you are a health care professional or someone who may be experiencing intergenerational trauma, we have tools and resources to assist you in your journey to healing.

Located in the heart of North York we work with communities throughout the GTA focusing on the following areas:

-Compassion Fatigue
-Anxiety and Isolation
-Related mental health disturbances

Through group programs and public access to self-help resources, Trauma Practice is reaching out to marginalized and vulnerable community members who are falling through the cracks of an overburdened system.

Why a Community Perspective to Healing Matters:

At Trauma Practice we start the conversation towards healing – as a community:

We view our programming as the gateway to addressing Trauma, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, and related mental health disturbances that aren’t currently being answered equitably in our communal healthcare system. Not only are these issues not being discussed openly in communal conversations on mental health, they are not being adequately funded or serviced.

We believe in equitable access. Our “Pay What You Can” programming is geared to help trauma survivors along with their families and friends with a safe place to land through innovative, professionally facilitated programs.

We offer trauma-informed services in:

-Group Support Programming
-On-line Trauma Resiliency Programs
-Interactive tools and resources
-Meditation and Self-Care Tools for Growth After Trauma
-Workshops and Seminars
-Research and Professional supports

Healing starts when we support one another as a community first.