Trauma Practice Research Project

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Brief Description of Trauma Practice Research Project

The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of Trauma Practice, a therapy model used to treat adults with trauma histories. Adults with Type I trauma histories receiving treatment from participating therapists will be invited to join.
Type I trauma is a single incident trauma, as opposed to Type II trauma (also known as Complex Trauma), which is ongoing and/or involves a combination of traumatic events, typically starts in early childhood and happens in the child’s primary care environment or social life.
Treatment will consist of eight to twenty five sessions of the Trauma Practice therapy model. Therapeutic elements include: skills training in emotional expression and regulation; recognizing links between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; cognitive processing of the trauma; and psycho-education.

Our Story

The Trauma Practice Research Project (TPRP), . will be our first planned research project. The principal researchers for this project are York University professor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Robert Muller (Ph.D., C.Psych.) and founder/director of Trauma Practice for Healthy Communities, Dr. Anna Baranowsky.